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    Change to elabman handling, to setup an account that we can use for · d7f33445
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    helping remote sites setup and update.
    * Added a V2 (DSA) key to the install directory that us inserted into
      the pubkeys table for the elabman. This key is encrypted and stored in
      /root/.ssh/elabman_dsa on Utah's boss.
    * elabman now starts out as webonly=0,status='active' with a real
      shell on both boss and ops.
    * freeze/thaw user now treat elabman as special, giving elabman a real
      account on boss and ops when thawed.
    * Addeda "notes" entry to the user profile that indicates the account
      can be frozen once the remote emulab is up and running.
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