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    pixman/vnc: use pixman images in vnc. · 9f64916d
    Gerd Hoffmann authored
    The vnc code uses *three* DisplaySurfaces:
    First is the surface of the actual QemuConsole, usually the guest
    screen, but could also be a text console (monitor/serial reachable via
    Ctrl-Alt-<nr> keys).  This is left as-is.
    Second is the current server's view of the screen content.  The vnc code
    uses this to figure which parts of the guest screen did _really_ change
    to reduce the amount of updates sent to the vnc clients.  It is also
    used as data source when sending out the updates to the clients.  This
    surface gets replaced by a pixman image.  The format changes too,
    instead of using the guest screen format we'll use fixed 32bit rgb
    framebuffer and convert the pixels on the fly when comparing and
    updating the server framebuffer.
    Third surface carries the format expected by the vnc client.  That isn't
    used to store image data.  This surface is switched to PixelFormat and a
    boolean for bigendian byte order.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
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