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    seabios: update to 1.7.5-rc1 · db76ec62
    Gerd Hoffmann authored
    Code grew a bit, had to disable CONFIG_USB_UAS to make the
    bios for the old machine types continue top fit into 128k.
    git shortlog since 1.7.4:
    Eric Northup (2):
          init_virtio_blk, init_virtio_scsi: reset HBA on error
          vp_init_simple: enable PCI bus-mastering before relying on DMA.
    Gabriel L. Somlo (1):
          SMBIOS: Check for aggregate tables & entry point in fw_cfg
    Gerd Hoffmann (4):
          smbios: catch zero-length strings
          pci: improve io address space allocation
          xhci: allocate scratch pad buffers
          vga: rework bar detection, add virtio-vga
    Johannes Krampf (5):
          build: Remove unneccesary semicolons from acpi_extract scripts.
          build: Make print statements in scripts python3 compatible.
          build: Be explicit that we want integers when dividing for python3 compat.
          build: Avoid sort() on unordered classes for python3 compatibility.
          build: Be careful with unicode and byte strings for python3 compatibility.
    Kevin O'Connor (79):
          build: Don't trash the .config file when src/Kconfig changes.
          Remove the pmm handle argument from _malloc().
          Clear the total block transfer count on error.
          Remove unnecesary updates of the disk op->count field.
          Always perform thread cleanup on MainThread stack.
          pvscsi: Don't store reference to struct pci_device.
          pvscsi: Always run entirely in 32bit mode.
          pvscsi: Remove use of LOWFLAT and GLOBALFLAT macros.
          usb: Replace EHCI to UHCI/OHCI synchronization with new scheme.
          Minor - pciinit.c - order header files and use static on local functions.
          Minor - fix misspelling in romfile.c comment.
          ehci: memset the qTD structures in ehci_alloc_intr_pipe
          build: Update kconfig to version in Linux 3.13.
          scripts: Allow encodeint.py to take integers in hex notation.
          coreboot: Support alternative locations for CBFS.
          debug: Add runtime option to not report the debug serial port to the OS.
          debug: Only call serial_debug_preinit() at startup.
          debug: Unify the SeaBIOS debug version banner.
          xhci: Use 64bit writes to ERDP register.
          xhci: Fix incorrect direction setting on status transmissions.
          xhci: Set the interval parameter on interrupt pipes.
          xhci: Verify PAGESIZE register before initializing driver.
          xhci: Allocate and free the xhci inctx structure on each use.
          xhci: Move set_address code from xhci_control to xhci_alloc_pipe.
          xhci: Eliminate 'struct xhci_device'.
          xhci: Support xhci controllers with 64 byte contexts.
          xhci: Allow the XHCI USB controller to be enabled for coreboot.
          xhci: Don't use a dummy endpoint count in configure command.
          xhci: Report the "protocol defined" and PSIC bits of extended capabilities.
          xhci: Support USB hubs on xhci controllers.
          Add call32_params() helper function.
          Add space between DTYPE_* definitions.
          xhci: Run the XHCI driver entirely in 32bit mode.
          Remove pci_writel() and pci_readl() functions.
          xhci: Check if scratch pad allocation fails.
          Increase maximum size of permanent high memory area.
          usb: USB 3 devices encode bMaxPacketSize0 field.
          usb: Move default pipe max packet size code from xhci to main code.
          xhci: Use the same endpoint initialization code in xhci_alloc_pipe()
          xhci: Add copyright notice to usb-xhci.c
          vgabios: Make sure exported structs use PACKED.
          vgabios: Simplify the bios save state area.
          vgabios: Simplify save/restore mechanism.
          vgabios: Attempt to detect old x86emu and force a fault.
          vgabios: Don't interpret TAB character.
          vgabios: Refactor write_teletype and write_chars.
          vgabios: Make sure stdvga_list_modes() doesn't overrun the buffer.
          coreboot: Add support for a "links" file to have aliases in CBFS.
          Enhance nullTrailingSpace() so that it can also skip leading spaces.
          coreboot: Move links file processing to its own function.
          vgabios: Fix PMM allocation request size.
          smbios: Default all values to zero.
          usb: Only disable HID devices if both USB_MOUSE and USB_KEYBOARD are off.
          Minor - fix some typos in comments.
          Replace CONFIG_THREAD_OPTIONROMS with a runtime config setting.
          acpi: Move acpi parsing logic from acpi.c to biostables.c / paravirt.c.
          smbios: Move smbios parsing logic from smbios.c to biostables.c.
          Move PirAddr definition from pirtable.c to biostables.c.
          Use biostables.c for copying bios tables even when generating them.
          Document no new changes to pirtable.c, mptable.c, acpi.c, and smbios.c.
          apm: Remove old Bochs mechanism for shutdown/suspend/standby.
          Minor - remove unused includes from pci.c.
          vgabios: Add option to control use of standard VGA IO ports.
          vgabios: Split vgafb_scroll() into separate move and clear functions.
          vgabios: Rewrite vgafb.c graphics operations to set of 4 standard operators.
          vgabios: Introduce text_address().
          vgabios: Add support for manipulating framebuffers in high memory.
          Set the color attribute when calling vgabios print character.
          vgabios: PMM scan was incorrectly depending on a zero %ds segment.
          coreboot: Make coreboot table searching available to other code.
          vgabios: Initial support for coreboot native vga vgabios.
          Minor - replace some tab characters that slipped into the code.
          Factor out smbios table walking from display_uuid to smbios_next().
          vgabios: Define PlatformRunningOn to make compile happy.
          If an int 1587 call is made from an option rom, stay in bigreal mode.
          xhci: Use msleep() instead of mdelay() for port status delay.
          build: Make sure romlayout.o is recompiled on Kconfig change.
          Fix int 1589 calls when CONFIG_ENTRY_EXTRASTACK is enabled.
          acpi: Fix acpi dsdt compile warning.
    Laszlo Ersek (1):
          init_virtio_scsi(): reset the HBA before freeing its virtio ring
    Marcel Apfelbaum (3):
          resume: restore piix pm config registers after resume
          hw/pci: reserve IO and mem for pci-2-pci bridges with no devices attached
          hw/pci: check if pci2pci bridges implement optional limit registers
    Roger Pau Monne (1):
          ld: don't hardcode "-melf_i386"
    Sander Eikelenboom (1):
          Prevent build failure by not splitting line in the middle of arguments to checkrom.py script
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
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