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    Monitor: handle optional '-' arg as a bool · eb159d13
    Luiz Capitulino authored
    Historically, user monitor arguments beginning with '-' (eg. '-f')
    were passed as integers down to handlers.
    I've maintained this behavior in the new monitor because we didn't
    have a boolean type at the very beginning of QMP. Today we have it
    and this behavior is causing trouble to QMP's argument checker.
    This commit fixes the problem by doing the following changes:
    1. User Monitor
       Before: the optional arg was represented as a QInt, we'd pass 1
               down to handlers if the user specified the argument or
               0 otherwise
       This commit: the optional arg is represented as a QBool, we pass
                    true down to handlers if the user specified the
                    argument, otherwise _nothing_ is passed
    2. QMP
       Before: the client was required to pass the arg as QBool, but we'd
               convert it to QInt internally. If the argument wasn't passed,
               we'd pass 0 down
       This commit: still require a QBool, but doesn't do any conversion and
                    doesn't pass any default value
    3. Convert existing handlers (do_eject()/do_migrate()) to the new way
       Before: Both handlers would expect a QInt value, either 0 or 1
       This commit: Change the handlers to accept a QBool, they handle the
                    following cases:
                       A) true is passed: the option is enabled
                       B) false is passed: the option is disabled
                       C) nothing is passed: option not specified, use
                                             default behavior
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLuiz Capitulino <lcapitulino@redhat.com>