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    Merge tag 'armsoc-dt' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm/arm-soc · 043248cd
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull ARM DT updates from Olof Johansson:
     "Device tree contents continue to be the largest branches we submit.
      This time around, some of the contents worth pointing out is:
      New SoC platforms:
       - Freescale i.MX 7Solo
       - Broadcom BCM23550
       - Cirrus Logic EP7209 and EP7211 (clps711x platforms)_
       - Hisilicon HI3519
       - Renesas R8A7792
      Some of the other delta that is sticking out, line-count wise:
       - Exynos moves of IP blocks under an SoC bus, which causes a large
         delta due to indentation changes
       - a new Tegra K1 board: Apalis
       - a bunch of small updates to many Allwinner platforms; new hardware
         support, some cleanup, etc"
    * tag 'armsoc-dt' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm/arm-soc: (426 commits)
      ARM: dts: sun8i: Add dts file for inet86dz board
      ARM: dts: sun8i: Add dts file for Polaroid MID2407PXE03 tablet
      ARM: dts: sun8i: Use sun8i-reference-design-tablet for ga10h dts
      ARM: dts: sun8i: Use sun8i-reference-design-tablet for polaroid mid2809pxe04
      ARM: dts: sun8i: reference-design-tablet: Add drivevbus-supply
      ARM: dts: Copy sun8i-q8-common.dtsi sun8i-reference-design-tablet.dtsi
      ARM: dts: sun5i: Use sun5i-reference-design-tablet.dtsi for utoo p66 dts
      ARM: dts: sun5i: Use sun5i-reference-design-tablet.dtsi for dit4350 dts
      ARM: dts: sun5i: reference-design-tablet: Remove mention of q8
      ARM: dts: sun5i: reference-design-tablet: Set lradc vref to avcc
      ARM: dts: sun5i: Rename sun5i-q8-common.dtsi sun5i-reference-design-tablet.dtsi
      ARM: dts: sun5i: Move q8 display bits to sun5i-a13-q8-tablet.dts
      ARM: dts: sunxi: Rename sunxi-q8-common.dtsi sunxi-reference-design-tablet.dtsi
      ARM: dts: at91: Don't build unnecessary dtbs
      ARM: dts: at91: sama5d3x: separate motherboard gmac and emac definitions
      ARM: dts: at91: at91sam9g25ek: fix isi endpoint node
      ARM: dts: at91: move isi definition to at91sam9g25ek
      ARM: dts: at91: fix i2c-gpio node name
      ARM: dts: at91: vinco: fix regulator name
      ARM: dts: at91: ariag25 : fix onewire node
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