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    Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next · 6c373ca8
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    Pull networking updates from David Miller:
     1) Add BQL support to via-rhine, from Tino Reichardt.
     2) Integrate SWITCHDEV layer support into the DSA layer, so DSA drivers
        can support hw switch offloading.  From Floria Fainelli.
     3) Allow 'ip address' commands to initiate multicast group join/leave,
        from Madhu Challa.
     4) Many ipv4 FIB lookup optimizations from Alexander Duyck.
     5) Support EBPF in cls_bpf classifier and act_bpf action, from Daniel
     6) Remove the ugly compat support in ARP for ugly layers like ax25,
        rose, etc.  And use this to clean up the neigh layer, then use it to
        implement MPLS support.  All from Eric Biederman.
     7) Support L3 forwarding offloading in switches, from Scott Feldman.
     8) Collapse the LOCAL and MAIN ipv4 FIB tables when possible, to speed
        up route lookups even further.  From Alexander Duyck.
     9) Many improvements and bug fixes to the rhashtable implementation,
        from Herbert Xu and Thomas Graf.  In particular, in the case where
        an rhashtable user bulk adds a large number of items into an empty
        table, we expand the table much more sanely.
    10) Don't make the tcp_metrics hash table per-namespace, from Eric
    11) Extend EBPF to access SKB fields, from Alexei Starovoitov.
    12) Split out new connection request sockets so that they can be
        established in the main hash table.  Much less false sharing since
        hash lookups go direct to the request sockets instead of having to
        go first to the listener then to the request socks hashed
        underneath.  From Eric Dumazet.
    13) Add async I/O support for crytpo AF_ALG sockets, from Tadeusz Struk.
    14) Support stable privacy address generation for RFC7217 in IPV6.  From
        Hannes Frederic Sowa.
    15) Hash network namespace into IP frag IDs, also from Hannes Frederic
    16) Convert PTP get/set methods to use 64-bit time, from Richard
    * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next: (1816 commits)
      fm10k: Bump driver version to 0.15.2
      fm10k: corrected VF multicast update
      fm10k: mbx_update_max_size does not drop all oversized messages
      fm10k: reset head instead of calling update_max_size
      fm10k: renamed mbx_tx_dropped to mbx_tx_oversized
      fm10k: update xcast mode before synchronizing multicast addresses
      fm10k: start service timer on probe
      fm10k: fix function header comment
      fm10k: comment next_vf_mbx flow
      fm10k: don't handle mailbox events in iov_event path and always process mailbox
      fm10k: use separate workqueue for fm10k driver
      fm10k: Set PF queues to unlimited bandwidth during virtualization
      fm10k: expose tx_timeout_count as an ethtool stat
      fm10k: only increment tx_timeout_count in Tx hang path
      fm10k: remove extraneous "Reset interface" message
      fm10k: separate PF only stats so that VF does not display them
      fm10k: use hw->mac.max_queues for stats
      fm10k: only show actual queues, not the maximum in hardware
      fm10k: allow creation of VLAN on default vid
      fm10k: fix unused warnings
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