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    Merge branches 'acpi-processor', 'acpi-cppc', 'acpi-apei' and 'acpi-sleep' · 6149dffc
    Rafael J. Wysocki authored
    * acpi-processor:
      arm64: add support for ACPI Low Power Idle(LPI)
      drivers: firmware: psci: initialise idle states using ACPI LPI
      cpuidle: introduce CPU_PM_CPU_IDLE_ENTER macro for ARM{32, 64}
      arm64: cpuidle: drop __init section marker to arm_cpuidle_init
      ACPI / processor_idle: Add support for Low Power Idle(LPI) states
      ACPI / processor_idle: introduce ACPI_PROCESSOR_CSTATE
    * acpi-cppc:
      mailbox: pcc: Add PCC request and free channel declarations
      ACPI / CPPC: Prevent cpc_desc_ptr points to the invalid data
      ACPI: CPPC: Return error if _CPC is invalid on a CPU
    * acpi-apei:
      ACPI / APEI: Add Boot Error Record Table (BERT) support
      ACPI / einj: Make error paths more talkative
      ACPI / einj: Convert EINJ_PFX to proper pr_fmt
    * acpi-sleep:
      ACPI: Execute _PTS before system reboot