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    ARM: vexpress: refine dependencies for new code · b33cdd28
    Arnd Bergmann authored
    The versatile express changes for 3.16 introduced a number of
    build regressions for randconfig kernels by not tracking dependencies
    between the components right.
    This patch tries to rectify that:
    * the mach-vexpress code cannot link without the syscfg driver,
      which in turn needs MFD_VEXPRESS_SYSREG
    * various drivers call devm_regmap_init_vexpress_config(), which
      has to be exported so it can be used by loadable modules
    * the configuration bus uses OF DT helper functions that are not
      available to platforms disable CONFIG_OF
    * The sysreg driver exports GPIOs through gpiolib, which can
      be disabled on some platforms.
    * The clocksource code cannot be built on platforms that don't
      use modern timekeeping but rely on gettimeoffset.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarArnd Bergmann <arnd@arndb.de>
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