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    gpio: generic: factor into gpio_chip struct · 0f4630f3
    Linus Walleij authored
    The separate struct bgpio_chip has been a pain to handle, both
    by being confusingly similar in name to struct gpio_chip and
    for being contained inside a struct so that struct gpio_chip
    is contained in a struct contained in a struct, making several
    steps of dereferencing necessary.
    Make things simpler: include the fields directly into
    <linux/gpio/driver.h>, #ifdef:ed for CONFIG_GENERIC_GPIO, and
    get rid of the <linux/basic_mmio_gpio.h> altogether. Prefix
    some of the member variables with bgpio_* and add proper
    kerneldoc while we're at it.
    Modify all users to handle the change and use a struct
    gpio_chip directly. And while we're at it: replace all
    container_of() dereferencing by gpiochip_get_data() and
    registering the gpio_chip with gpiochip_add_data().
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