Commit fdf6e6b4 authored by Andy Grover's avatar Andy Grover Committed by David S. Miller
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RDS/IB: Drop connection when a fatal QP event is received

Signed-off-by: default avatarAndy Grover <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 68cb01c1
......@@ -203,9 +203,9 @@ static void rds_ib_qp_event_handler(struct ib_event *event, void *data)
rdma_notify(ic->i_cm_id, IB_EVENT_COMM_EST);
printk(KERN_WARNING "RDS/ib: unhandled QP event %u "
"on connection to %pI4\n", event->event,
rds_ib_conn_error(conn, "RDS/IB: Fatal QP Event %u "
"- connection %pI4->%pI4, reconnecting\n",
event->event, &conn->c_laddr, &conn->c_faddr);
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