Commit fc312ece authored by Ron Mercer's avatar Ron Mercer Committed by David S. Miller
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qlge: Don't use firmware when forcing firmware dump.

In some cases the firmware may be dead.  Instead we dump the firmware
parameters and then restart it.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRon Mercer <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent f2c05004
......@@ -2227,7 +2227,6 @@ int ql_dump_risc_ram_area(struct ql_adapter *qdev, void *buf,
u32 ram_addr, int word_count);
int ql_core_dump(struct ql_adapter *qdev,
struct ql_mpi_coredump *mpi_coredump);
int ql_mb_sys_err(struct ql_adapter *qdev);
int ql_mb_about_fw(struct ql_adapter *qdev);
int ql_wol(struct ql_adapter *qdev);
int ql_mb_wol_set_magic(struct ql_adapter *qdev, u32 enable_wol);
......@@ -1237,12 +1237,7 @@ static void ql_get_core_dump(struct ql_adapter *qdev)
"Force Coredump can only be done from interface that is up.\n");
if (ql_mb_sys_err(qdev)) {
netif_err(qdev, ifup, qdev->ndev,
"Fail force coredump with ql_mb_sys_err().\n");
void ql_gen_reg_dump(struct ql_adapter *qdev,
......@@ -606,23 +606,6 @@ end:
return status;
int ql_mb_sys_err(struct ql_adapter *qdev)
struct mbox_params mbc;
struct mbox_params *mbcp = &mbc;
int status;
memset(mbcp, 0, sizeof(struct mbox_params));
mbcp->in_count = 1;
mbcp->out_count = 0;
mbcp->mbox_in[0] = MB_CMD_MAKE_SYS_ERR;
status = ql_mailbox_command(qdev, mbcp);
return status;
/* Get MPI firmware version. This will be used for
* driver banner and for ethtool info.
* Returns zero on success.
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