Commit c8df412e authored by Kurt Hackel's avatar Kurt Hackel Committed by Mark Fasheh
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ocfs2: special case recovery lock in dlmlock_remote()

If the previous master of the recovery lock dies, let calc_usage take it
down completely and let the caller completely redo the dlmlock() call.
Otherwise, there will never be an opportunity to re-master the lockres and
recovery wont be able to progress.
Signed-off-by: default avatarKurt Hackel <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMark Fasheh <>
parent 36407488
......@@ -227,7 +227,16 @@ static enum dlm_status dlmlock_remote(struct dlm_ctxt *dlm,
res->state &= ~DLM_LOCK_RES_IN_PROGRESS;
lock->lock_pending = 0;
if (status != DLM_NORMAL) {
if (status != DLM_NOTQUEUED) {
if (status == DLM_RECOVERING &&
res->lockname.len)) {
/* recovery lock was mastered by dead node.
* we need to have calc_usage shoot down this
* lockres and completely remaster it. */
mlog(0, "%s: recovery lock was owned by "
"dead node %u, remaster it now.\n",
dlm->name, res->owner);
} else if (status != DLM_NOTQUEUED) {
* DO NOT call calc_usage, as this would unhash
* the remote lockres before we ever get to use
......@@ -691,18 +700,22 @@ retry_lock:
/* no waiting for dlm_reco_thread */
if (recovery) {
if (status == DLM_RECOVERING) {
mlog(0, "%s: got RECOVERING "
"for $REOCVERY lock, master "
"was %u\n", dlm->name,
dlm_wait_for_node_death(dlm, res->owner,
if (status != DLM_RECOVERING)
goto retry_lock;
mlog(0, "%s: got RECOVERING "
"for $RECOVERY lock, master "
"was %u\n", dlm->name,
/* wait to see the node go down, then
* drop down and allow the lockres to
* get cleaned up. need to remaster. */
dlm_wait_for_node_death(dlm, res->owner,
} else {
goto retry_lock;
goto retry_lock;
if (status != DLM_NORMAL) {
......@@ -2314,6 +2314,10 @@ again:
mlog(0, "%s: reco master %u is ready to recover %u\n",
dlm->name, dlm->reco.new_master, dlm->reco.dead_node);
status = -EEXIST;
} else if (ret == DLM_RECOVERING) {
mlog(0, "dlm=%s dlmlock says master node died (this=%u)\n",
dlm->name, dlm->node_num);
goto again;
} else {
struct dlm_lock_resource *res;
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