Commit b5ba6d12 authored by Ivan Vecera's avatar Ivan Vecera Committed by Francois Romieu
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r8169: use RxFIFO overflow workaround for 8168c chipset.

I found that one of the 8168c chipsets (concretely XID 1c4000c0) starts
generating RxFIFO overflow errors. The result is an infinite loop in
interrupt handler as the RxFIFOOver is handled only for ...MAC_VER_11.
With the workaround everything goes fine.

Signed-off-by: default avatarIvan Vecera <>
Acked-by: default avatarFrancois Romieu <>
Cc: Hayes <>
parent 38db9e1d
......@@ -3757,7 +3757,8 @@ static void rtl_hw_start_8168(struct net_device *dev)
RTL_W16(IntrMitigate, 0x5151);
/* Work around for RxFIFO overflow. */
if (tp->mac_version == RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_11) {
if (tp->mac_version == RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_11 ||
tp->mac_version == RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_22) {
tp->intr_event |= RxFIFOOver | PCSTimeout;
tp->intr_event &= ~RxOverflow;
......@@ -4641,7 +4642,8 @@ static irqreturn_t rtl8169_interrupt(int irq, void *dev_instance)
/* Work around for rx fifo overflow */
if (unlikely(status & RxFIFOOver) &&
(tp->mac_version == RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_11)) {
(tp->mac_version == RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_11 ||
tp->mac_version == RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_22)) {
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