Commit 96f321c9 authored by Mohammed Shafi Shajakhan's avatar Mohammed Shafi Shajakhan Committed by Johannes Berg

mac80211: Remove unused variable in per STA debugfs struct

Remove unused variable in per STA debugfs structure, 'commit 34e89507
("mac80211: allow station add/remove to sleep")' removed the only user of
Signed-off-by: default avatarMohammed Shafi Shajakhan <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohannes Berg <>
parent 1e0bbeba
......@@ -352,8 +352,6 @@ void ieee80211_sta_debugfs_add(struct sta_info *sta)
struct dentry *stations_dir = sta->sdata->debugfs.subdir_stations;
u8 mac[3*ETH_ALEN];
sta->debugfs.add_has_run = true;
if (!stations_dir)
......@@ -488,7 +488,6 @@ struct sta_info {
struct sta_info_debugfsdentries {
struct dentry *dir;
bool add_has_run;
} debugfs;
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