Commit 6ce7dc94 authored by Chuck Lever's avatar Chuck Lever Committed by Trond Myklebust
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NFS: NFS client underestimates how large an NFSv4 SETATTR reply can be

The maximum size of an NFSv4 SETATTR compound reply should include the
GETATTR operation that we send.
Signed-off-by: default avatarChuck Lever <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarTrond Myklebust <>
parent aa3d1fae
......@@ -224,7 +224,8 @@ static int nfs4_stat_to_errno(int);
#define NFS4_dec_setattr_sz (compound_decode_hdr_maxsz + \
decode_putfh_maxsz + \
op_decode_hdr_maxsz + 3)
op_decode_hdr_maxsz + 3 + \
#define NFS4_enc_fsinfo_sz (compound_encode_hdr_maxsz + \
encode_putfh_maxsz + \
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