Commit 617667ba authored by Ralf Baechle's avatar Ralf Baechle
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[MIPS] Avoid dupliate D-cache flush on R400C / R4400 SC and MC variants.

Signed-off-by: default avatarRalf Baechle <>
parent 0550d9d1
......@@ -381,17 +381,21 @@ static inline void local_r4k_flush_cache_mm(void * args)
if (!cpu_context(smp_processor_id(), mm))
* Kludge alert. For obscure reasons R4000SC and R4400SC go nuts if we
* only flush the primary caches but R10000 and R12000 behave sane ...
* R4000SC and R4400SC indexed S-cache ops also invalidate primary
* caches, so we can bail out early.
if (current_cpu_data.cputype == CPU_R4000SC ||
current_cpu_data.cputype == CPU_R4000MC ||
current_cpu_data.cputype == CPU_R4400SC ||
current_cpu_data.cputype == CPU_R4400MC)
current_cpu_data.cputype == CPU_R4400MC) {
static void r4k_flush_cache_mm(struct mm_struct *mm)
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