Commit 548d2de9 authored by Pierre Ossman's avatar Pierre Ossman

mmc_block: be prepared for oversized requests

The block layer does not support very low sector count restrictions
so we need to be prepared to handle bigger requests than we can send
directly to the controller.

Problem found by Manuel Lauss.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPierre Ossman <>
parent 0c8454f5
......@@ -253,6 +253,14 @@ static int mmc_blk_issue_rq(struct mmc_queue *mq, struct request *req)
brq.stop.flags = MMC_RSP_SPI_R1B | MMC_RSP_R1B | MMC_CMD_AC; = req->nr_sectors;
* The block layer doesn't support all sector count
* restrictions, so we need to be prepared for too big
* requests.
if ( > card->host->max_blk_count) = card->host->max_blk_count;
* After a read error, we redo the request one sector at a time
* in order to accurately determine which sectors can be read
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