Commit 4ac5541b authored by Juuso Oikarinen's avatar Juuso Oikarinen Committed by John W. Linville
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cfg80211: Improve connection quality maintenance docs in nl80211.h

In nl80211.h, be a little more elaborate in the docs for the definitions
Reported-by: default avatarLuis R. Rodriguez <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJuuso Oikarinen <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent a97c13c3
...@@ -1600,8 +1600,12 @@ enum nl80211_ps_state { ...@@ -1600,8 +1600,12 @@ enum nl80211_ps_state {
/** /**
* enum nl80211_attr_cqm - connection quality monitor attributes * enum nl80211_attr_cqm - connection quality monitor attributes
* @__NL80211_ATTR_CQM_INVALID: invalid * @__NL80211_ATTR_CQM_INVALID: invalid
* @NL80211_ATTR_CQM_RSSI_THOLD: RSSI threshold in dBm (zero to disable) * @NL80211_ATTR_CQM_RSSI_THOLD: RSSI threshold in dBm. This value specifies
* @NL80211_ATTR_CQM_RSSI_HYST: RSSI hysteresis in dBm * the threshold for the RSSI level at which an event will be sent. Zero
* to disable.
* @NL80211_ATTR_CQM_RSSI_HYST: RSSI hysteresis in dBm. This value specifies
* the minimum amount the RSSI level must change after an event before a
* new event may be issued (to reduce effects of RSSI oscillation).
* @NL80211_ATTR_CQM_RSSI_THRESHOLD_EVENT: RSSI threshold event * @NL80211_ATTR_CQM_RSSI_THRESHOLD_EVENT: RSSI threshold event
* @__NL80211_ATTR_CQM_AFTER_LAST: internal * @__NL80211_ATTR_CQM_AFTER_LAST: internal
* @NL80211_ATTR_CQM_MAX: highest key attribute * @NL80211_ATTR_CQM_MAX: highest key attribute
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