Commit 46232d29 authored by Stefan Lippers-Hollmann's avatar Stefan Lippers-Hollmann Committed by David S. Miller
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[PATCH] hostap_cs: Add device ID for Telekom T-Sinus 111card

This adds the PCMCIA device ID for the Deutsche Telekom T-Sinus 111card to

$ /sbin/lspcmcia -v
Socket 0 Device 0:      [hostap_cs]             (bus ID: 0.0)
        Configuration:  state: on
        Product Name:   T-Sinus 111card 2.0.0
        Identification: manf_id: 0x01bf card_id: 0x3301
                        function: 6 (network)
                        prod_id(1): "T-Sinus" (0x8c389dc1)
                        prod_id(2): "111card" (0x6a23ac17)
                        prod_id(3): --- (---)
                        prod_id(4): "2.0.0" (0x92b9effb)

Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Lippers-Hollmann <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent b7c6538c
......@@ -822,6 +822,7 @@ static struct pcmcia_device_id hostap_cs_ids[] = {
PCMCIA_DEVICE_MANF_CARD(0x0101, 0x0777),
PCMCIA_DEVICE_MANF_CARD(0x0126, 0x8000),
PCMCIA_DEVICE_MANF_CARD(0x0138, 0x0002),
PCMCIA_DEVICE_MANF_CARD(0x01bf, 0x3301),
PCMCIA_DEVICE_MANF_CARD(0x0250, 0x0002),
PCMCIA_DEVICE_MANF_CARD(0x026f, 0x030b),
PCMCIA_DEVICE_MANF_CARD(0x0274, 0x1612),
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