Commit 3edf8fa5 authored by David S. Miller's avatar David S. Miller
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[NET]: Fix allnoconfig build on powerpc and avr32

As reported by Haavard Skinnemoen and Stephen Rothwell:

> allnoconfig fails with
> include/linux/netdevice.h:843: error: implicit declaration of function 'dev_net'
> which seems to be because the definition of dev_net is inside #ifdef
> CONFIG_NET, while next_net_device, which calls it, is not.

Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 17eed249
......@@ -827,6 +827,7 @@ struct packet_type {
extern rwlock_t dev_base_lock; /* Device list lock */
#define for_each_netdev(net, d) \
list_for_each_entry(d, &(net)->dev_base_head, dev_list)
#define for_each_netdev_safe(net, d, n) \
......@@ -850,6 +851,7 @@ static inline struct net_device *first_net_device(struct net *net)
return list_empty(&net->dev_base_head) ? NULL :
extern int netdev_boot_setup_check(struct net_device *dev);
extern unsigned long netdev_boot_base(const char *prefix, int unit);
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