Commit 39874861 authored by Anton Blanchard's avatar Anton Blanchard Committed by David S. Miller
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ehea: Remove some unused definitions

The queue macros are many levels deep and it makes it harder to
work your way through them when many of the versions are unused.
Remove the unused versions.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAnton Blanchard <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarThadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 30e2e90b
......@@ -210,36 +210,11 @@ static inline void epa_store_acc(struct h_epa epa, u32 offset, u64 value)
__raw_writeq(value, (void __iomem *)(epa.addr + offset));
#define epa_store_eq(epa, offset, value)\
epa_store(epa, EQTEMM_OFFSET(offset), value)
#define epa_load_eq(epa, offset)\
epa_load(epa, EQTEMM_OFFSET(offset))
#define epa_store_cq(epa, offset, value)\
epa_store(epa, CQTEMM_OFFSET(offset), value)
#define epa_load_cq(epa, offset)\
epa_load(epa, CQTEMM_OFFSET(offset))
#define epa_store_qp(epa, offset, value)\
epa_store(epa, QPTEMM_OFFSET(offset), value)
#define epa_load_qp(epa, offset)\
epa_load(epa, QPTEMM_OFFSET(offset))
#define epa_store_qped(epa, offset, value)\
epa_store(epa, QPEDMM_OFFSET(offset), value)
#define epa_load_qped(epa, offset)\
epa_load(epa, QPEDMM_OFFSET(offset))
#define epa_store_mrmw(epa, offset, value)\
epa_store(epa, MRMWMM_OFFSET(offset), value)
#define epa_load_mrmw(epa, offset)\
epa_load(epa, MRMWMM_OFFSET(offset))
#define epa_store_base(epa, offset, value)\
epa_store(epa, HCAGR_OFFSET(offset), value)
#define epa_load_base(epa, offset)\
epa_load(epa, HCAGR_OFFSET(offset))
static inline void ehea_update_sqa(struct ehea_qp *qp, u16 nr_wqes)
struct h_epa epa = qp->epas.kernel;
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