Commit 0613a594 authored by Daniel T Chen's avatar Daniel T Chen Committed by Takashi Iwai

ALSA: ac97: Apply quirk for Dell Latitude D610 binding Master and Headphone controls


The original reporter states: "The Master mixer does not change the
volume from the headphone output (which is affected by the headphone
mixer). Instead it only seems to control the on-board speaker volume.
This confuses PulseAudio greatly as the Master channel is merged into
the volume mix."

Fix this symptom by applying the hp_only quirk for the reporter's SSID.
The fix is applicable to all stable kernels.
Reported-and-tested-by: default avatarBen Gamari <>
Cc: <> [2.6.32+]
Signed-off-by: default avatarDaniel T Chen <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarTakashi Iwai <>
parent e2e95662
......@@ -1864,6 +1864,12 @@ static struct ac97_quirk ac97_quirks[] __devinitdata = {
.name = "Dell Inspiron 8600", /* STAC9750/51 */
.type = AC97_TUNE_HP_ONLY
.subvendor = 0x1028,
.subdevice = 0x0182,
.name = "Dell Latitude D610", /* STAC9750/51 */
.type = AC97_TUNE_HP_ONLY
.subvendor = 0x1028,
.subdevice = 0x0186,
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