Commit 0452d4a5 authored by Bruno Randolf's avatar Bruno Randolf Committed by John W. Linville
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ath5k: print more errors when decriptor setup fails

Signed-off-by: default avatarBruno Randolf <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent 265faadd
......@@ -1243,8 +1243,10 @@ ath5k_rxbuf_setup(struct ath5k_softc *sc, struct ath5k_buf *bf)
ds->ds_link = bf->daddr; /* link to self */
ds->ds_data = bf->skbaddr;
ret = ah->ah_setup_rx_desc(ah, ds, ah->common.rx_bufsize, 0);
if (ret)
if (ret) {
ATH5K_ERR(sc, "%s: could not setup RX desc\n", __func__);
return ret;
if (sc->rxlink != NULL)
*sc->rxlink = bf->daddr;
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