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    [GFS2] Fix unlinked file handling · feaa7bba
    Steven Whitehouse authored
    This patch fixes the way we have been dealing with unlinked,
    but still open files. It removes all limits (other than memory
    for inodes, as per every other filesystem) on numbers of these
    which we can support on GFS2. It also means that (like other
    fs) its the responsibility of the last process to close the file
    to deallocate the storage, rather than the person who did the
    unlinking. Note that with GFS2, those two events might take place
    on different nodes.
    Also there are a number of other changes:
     o We use the Linux inode subsystem as it was intended to be
    used, wrt allocating GFS2 inodes
     o The Linux inode cache is now the point which we use for
    local enforcement of only holding one copy of the inode in
    core at once (previous to this we used the glock layer).
     o We no longer use the unlinked "special" file. We just ignore it
    completely. This makes unlinking more efficient.
     o We now use the 4th block allocation state. The previously unused
    state is used to track unlinked but still open inodes.
     o gfs2_inoded is no longer needed
     o Several fields are now no longer needed (and removed) from the in
    core struct gfs2_inode
     o Several fields are no longer needed (and removed) from the in core
    There are a number of future possible optimisations and clean ups
    which have been made possible by this patch.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSteven Whitehouse <>