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    nvme-rdma: add DELETING queue flag · e89ca58f
    Sagi Grimberg authored
    When we get a surprise disconnect from the target we queue a periodic
    reconnect (which is the sane thing to do...).
    We only move the queues out of CONNECTED when we retry to reconnect (after
    10 seconds in the default case) but we stop the blk queues immediately
    so we are not bothered with traffic from now on. If delete() is kicking
    off in this period the queues are still in CONNECTED state.
    Part of the delete sequence is trying to issue ctrl shutdown if the
    admin queue is CONNECTED (which it is!). This request is issued but
    stuck in blk-mq waiting for the queues to start again. This might be
    the one preventing us from forward progress...
    The patch separates the queue flags to CONNECTED and DELETING. Now we
    will move out of CONNECTED as soon as error recovery kicks in (before
    stopping the queues) and DELETING is on when we start the queue deletion.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSagi Grimberg <sagi@grimberg.me>
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