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    [GFS2] Clean up inode number handling · dbb7cae2
    Steven Whitehouse authored
    This patch cleans up the inode number handling code. The main difference
    is that instead of looking up the inodes using a struct gfs2_inum_host
    we now use just the no_addr member of this structure. The tests relating
    to no_formal_ino can then be done by the calling code. This has
    advantages in that we want to do different things in different code
    paths if the no_formal_ino doesn't match. In the NFS patch we want to
    return -ESTALE, but in the ->lookup() path, its a bug in the fs if the
    no_formal_ino doesn't match and thus we can withdraw in this case.
    In order to later fix bz #201012, we need to be able to look up an inode
    without knowing no_formal_ino, as the only information that is known to
    us is the on-disk location of the inode in question.
    This patch will also help us to fix bz #236099 at a later date by
    cleaning up a lot of the code in that area.
    There are no user visible changes as a result of this patch and there
    are no changes to the on-disk format either.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSteven Whitehouse <swhiteho@redhat.com>