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    [libata] sata_mv: clean up DMA boundary issues, turn on 64-bit DMA · d88184fb
    Jeff Garzik authored
    The chips covered by sata_mv have a 32-bit DMA boundary they must not
    cross, not a 64K boundary.  We are merely limited to a 64K maximum
    segment size.  Therefore, the DMA scatter/gather table fill code can be
    greatly simplified, and we need not cut in half the S/G table size as
    reported to the SCSI layer.
    Also, the driver forget to turn on 64-bit DMA at the PCI layer.  All
    other data structures (both hardware and software) have been prepped for
    64-bit PCI DMA.  It was simply never turned on.  <fingers crossed> let's
    see if it still works...
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff Garzik <>