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    libata: Grand renaming. · cca3974e
    Jeff Garzik authored
    The biggest change is that ata_host_set is renamed to ata_host.
    * ata_host_set			=> ata_host
    * ata_probe_ent->host_flags	=> ata_probe_ent->port_flags
    * ata_probe_ent->host_set_flags	=> ata_probe_ent->_host_flags
    * ata_host_stats		=> ata_port_stats
    * ata_port->host		=> ata_port->scsi_host
    * ata_port->host_set		=> ata_port->host
    * ata_port_info->host_flags	=> ata_port_info->flags
    * ata_(.*)host_set(.*)\(\)	=> ata_\1host\2()
    The leading underscore in ata_probe_ent->_host_flags is to avoid
    reusing ->host_flags for different purpose.  Currently, the only user
    of the field is libata-bmdma.c and probe_ent itself is scheduled to be
    ata_port->host is reused for different purpose but this field is used
    inside libata core proper and of different type.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTejun Heo <>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff Garzik <>