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    [GFS2] Fix bug in directory code and tidy up · c752666c
    Steven Whitehouse authored
    Due to a typo, the dir leaf split operation was (for the first
    split in a directory) writing the new hash vaules at the
    wrong offset. This is now fixed.
    Also some other tidy ups are included:
     - We use GFS2's hash function for dentries (see ops_dentry.c) so that
       we don't have to keep recalculating the hash values.
     - A lot of common code is eliminated between the various directory
       lookup routines.
     - Better error checking on directory lookup (previously different
       routines checked for different errors)
     - The leaf split operation has a couple of redundant operations
       removed from it, so it should be faster.
    There is still further scope for further clean ups in the directory
    code, and readdir in particular could do with slimming down a bit.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSteven Whitehouse <>