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    Linus Torvalds authored
    .. after extensive statistical analysis of my G+ polling, I've come to
    the inescapable conclusion that internet polls are bad.
    Big surprise.
    But "Hurr durr I'ma sheep" trounced "I like online polls" by a 62-to-38%
    margin, in a poll that people weren't even supposed to participate in.
    Who can argue with solid numbers like that? 5,796 votes from people who
    can't even follow the most basic directions?
    In contrast, "v4.0" beat out "v3.20" by a slimmer margin of 56-to-44%,
    but with a total of 29,110 votes right now.
    Now, arguably, that vote spread is only about 3,200 votes, which is less
    than the almost six thousand votes that the "please ignore" poll got, so
    it could be considered noise.
    But hey, I asked, so I'll honor the votes.