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    Segment and desc table regs, address space layout in place (untested). · c4780c3c
    Charlie Jacobsen authored
    Address space layout includes tss, gdt, ipc registers, and small
    stack. See lcd-domains-arch.h.
    -- a tss may be required (not sure) while running in non-root,
       even though a stack switch does not occur
    -- a gdt may also be required (even though all info is written in
       the hidden part of the segment registers); again, not sure
    4 KBs is reserved for an IDT if it is needed (not mapped or
    GDT layout given in lcd-domains-arch.h. (GDT build code to
    be implemented / copied over next.)
    LDT is not used (so no need to load access rights, etc.). It
    is marked as unusable.
    Fixed segment register limit fields. These must be 32 bits and
    are always byte granularity. The granularity field in the
    access rights bits is confusing (see Intel SDM V3
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