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    ACPI: ACPICA 20060421 · b229cf92
    Bob Moore authored
    Removed a device initialization optimization introduced in
    20051216 where the _STA method was not run unless an _INI
    was also present for the same device. This optimization
    could cause problems because it could allow _INI methods
    to be run within a not-present device subtree (If a
    not-present device had no _INI, _STA would not be run,
    the not-present status would not be discovered, and the
    children of the device would be incorrectly traversed.)
    Implemented a new _STA optimization where namespace
    subtrees that do not contain _INI are identified and
    ignored during device initialization. Selectively running
    _STA can significantly improve boot time on large machines
    (with assistance from Len Brown.)
    Implemented support for the device initialization case
    where the returned _STA flags indicate a device not-present
    but functioning. In this case, _INI is not run, but the
    device children are examined for presence, as per the
    ACPI specification.
    Implemented an additional change to the IndexField support
    in order to conform to MS behavior. The value written to
    the Index Register is not simply a byte offset, it is a
    byte offset in units of the access width of the parent
    Index Field. (Fiodor Suietov)
    Defined and deployed a new OSL interface,
    acpi_os_validate_address().  This interface is called during
    the creation of all AML operation regions, and allows
    the host OS to exert control over what addresses it will
    allow the AML code to access. Operation Regions whose
    addresses are disallowed will cause a runtime exception
    when they are actually accessed (will not affect or abort
    table loading.)
    Defined and deployed a new OSL interface,
    acpi_os_validate_interface().  This interface allows the host OS
    to match the various "optional" interface/behavior strings
    for the _OSI predefined control method as appropriate
    (with assistance from Bjorn Helgaas.)
    Restructured and corrected various problems in the
    exception handling code paths within DsCallControlMethod
    and DsTerminateControlMethod in dsmethod (with assistance
    from Takayoshi Kochi.)
    Modified the Linux source converter to ignore quoted string
    literals while converting identifiers from mixed to lower
    case. This will correct problems with the disassembler
    and other areas where such strings must not be modified.
    The ACPI_FUNCTION_* macros no longer require quotes around
    the function name. This allows the Linux source converter
    to convert the names, now that the converter ignores
    quoted strings.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarBob Moore <robert.moore@intel.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLen Brown <len.brown@intel.com>
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