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    Adds 'data store' to non-isolated kliblcd. · 730fd7d4
    Charlie Jacobsen authored
    Kind of boring, but important. Now poised for doing some non-isolated
    glue code.
    Kind of bummer we have essentially three copies of the cspace-related
    code - one in liblcd (isolated data store), one in kliblcd, and one in
    the microkernel (real cspaces). Hopefully we can coalesce and reduce
    the redundancy at some point.
    The data store code for kliblcd is in virt/lcd-domains/kliblcd/dstore.c.
    The interface is in include/lcd-domains/kliblcd.h.
    Moved dstore into kliblcd. No build yet.
    Small typo in cap doc.
    Debug something else.
    Updated dstore to do get/put.
    Fixes build. liblcd tests pass.
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