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    Starting code for IPC registers and access. · e51d81aa
    Charlie Jacobsen authored
    Set up new header files, under include/lcd-domains/
    -- lcd-domains.h: main include, contains struct lcd
    -- ipc.h: struct lcd_ipc_regs, for message registers
    Updated virt/lcd/lcd-domains.c to use new headers.
    Updated arch-dep code to use new struct lcd_ipc_regs.
    struct lcd_arch contains a pointer to the allocated
    page for stack / ipc registers. struct lcd (arch-indep)
    contains a pointer to the same memory (so that the
    arch-indep code can access the ipc regs directly if
    it wishes).
    Message registers should be accessed through arch-dep
    macros (to be implemented next) for portability and
    speed (some of the message registers will be
    implemented using machine regs, so the message registers
    in struct lcd_ipc_regs are `shadows').
    Message register design based on seL4. See seL4 manual,
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