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    bcma: add Broadcom specific AMBA bus driver · 8369ae33
    Rafał Miłecki authored
    Broadcom has released cards based on a new AMBA-based bus type. From a
    programming point of view, this new bus type differs from AMBA and does
    not use AMBA common registers. It also differs enough from SSB. We
    decided that a new bus driver is needed to keep the code clean.
    In its current form, the driver detects devices present on the bus and
    registers them in the system. It allows registering BCMA drivers for
    specified bus devices and provides them basic operations. The bus driver
    itself includes two important bus managing drivers: ChipCommon core
    driver and PCI(c) core driver. They are early used to allow correct
    Currently code is limited to supporting buses on PCI(e) devices, however
    the driver is designed to be used also on other hosts. The host
    abstraction layer is implemented and already used for PCI(e).
    Support for PCI(e) hosts is working and seems to be stable (access to
    80211 core was tested successfully on a few devices). We can still
    optimize it by using some fixed windows, but this can be done later
    without affecting any external code. Windows are just ranges in MMIO
    used for accessing cores on the bus.
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