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    libcap-integration: Add some headers for liblcd v2. · 7dadddf3
    Charlie Jacobsen authored
    I wanted to do this first before re-factoring kliblcd, so I know
    what I need to do.
    This is a step toward unifying the old isolated and non-isolated
    interfaces. The semantics of each function will be a bit different
    depending on the execution context.
      -- address_spaces.h: from old types.h, with few changes
      -- boot_info.h: bootstrap page data; from old types.h; small
                      changes to struct
      -- create.h: LCD and kLCD creation; from old kliblcd.h; doc cleaned
                   up and interface
      -- mem.h: unified memory interface; coalesces functions from old
                liblcd.h and kliblcd.h
      -- sync_ipc.h: unifies ipc and utcb headers
      -- syscall.h: same as before
    Removes old capability and data store crap.
    Also, fixes small bug for edge case in cap types.
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