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    m68k: merge m68k and m68knommu arch directories · 66d857b0
    Greg Ungerer authored
    There is a lot of common code that could be shared between the m68k
    and m68knommu arch branches. It makes sense to merge the two branches
    into a single directory structure so that we can more easily share
    that common code.
    This is a brute force merge, based on a script from Stephen King
    <sfking@fdwdc.com>, which was originally written by Arnd Bergmann
    > The script was inspired by the script Sam Ravnborg used to merge the
    > includes from m68knommu. For those files common to both arches but
    > differing in content, the m68k version of the file is renamed to
    > <file>_mm.<ext> and the m68knommu version of the file is moved into the
    > corresponding m68k directory and renamed <file>_no.<ext> and a small
    > wrapper file <file>.<ext> is used to select between the two version. Files
    > that are common to both but don't differ are removed from the m68knommu
    > tree and files and directories that are unique to the m68knommu tree are
    > moved to the m68k tree. Finally, the arch/m68knommu tree is removed.
    > To select between the the versions of the files, the wrapper uses
    > #ifdef CONFIG_MMU
    > #include <file>_mm.<ext>
    > #else
    > #include <file>_no.<ext>
    > #endif
    On top of this file merge I have done a simplistic merge of m68k and
    m68knommu Kconfig, which primarily attempts to keep existing options and
    menus in place. Other than a handful of options being moved it produces
    identical .config outputs on m68k and m68knommu targets I tested it on.
    With this in place there is now quite a bit of scope for merge cleanups
    in future patches.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGreg Ungerer <gerg@uclinux.org>
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