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    Btrfs: do extent allocation and reference count updates in the background · 56bec294
    Chris Mason authored
    The extent allocation tree maintains a reference count and full
    back reference information for every extent allocated in the
    filesystem.  For subvolume and snapshot trees, every time
    a block goes through COW, the new copy of the block adds a reference
    on every block it points to.
    If a btree node points to 150 leaves, then the COW code needs to go
    and add backrefs on 150 different extents, which might be spread all
    over the extent allocation tree.
    These updates currently happen during btrfs_cow_block, and most COWs
    happen during btrfs_search_slot.  btrfs_search_slot has locks held
    on both the parent and the node we are COWing, and so we really want
    to avoid IO during the COW if we can.
    This commit adds an rbtree of pending reference count updates and extent
    allocations.  The tree is ordered by byte number of the extent and byte number
    of the parent for the back reference.  The tree allows us to:
    1) Modify back references in something close to disk order, reducing seeks
    2) Significantly reduce the number of modifications made as block pointers
    are balanced around
    3) Do all of the extent insertion and back reference modifications outside
    of the performance critical btrfs_search_slot code.
    #3 has the added benefit of greatly reducing the btrfs stack footprint.
    The extent allocation tree modifications are done without the deep
    (and somewhat recursive) call chains used in the past.
    These delayed back reference updates must be done before the transaction
    commits, and so the rbtree is tied to the transaction.  Throttling is
    implemented to help keep the queue of backrefs at a reasonable size.
    Since there was a similar mechanism in place for the extent tree
    extents, that is removed and replaced by the delayed reference tree.
    Yan Zheng <yan.zheng@oracle.com> helped review and fixup this code.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Mason <chris.mason@oracle.com>
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