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    mac80211: use hardware flags for signal/noise units · 566bfe5a
    Bruno Randolf authored
    trying to clean up the signal/noise code. the previous code in mac80211 had
    confusing names for the related variables, did not have much definition of
    what units of signal and noise were provided and used implicit mechanisms from
    the wireless extensions.
    this patch introduces hardware capability flags to let the hardware specify
    clearly if it can provide signal and noise level values and which units it can
    provide. this also anticipates possible new units like RCPI in the future.
    for signal:
      IEEE80211_HW_SIGNAL_UNSPEC - unspecified, unknown, hw specific
      IEEE80211_HW_SIGNAL_DB     - dB difference to unspecified reference point
      IEEE80211_HW_SIGNAL_DBM    - dBm, difference to 1mW
    for noise we currently only have dBm:
      IEEE80211_HW_NOISE_DBM     - dBm, difference to 1mW
    if IEEE80211_HW_SIGNAL_UNSPEC or IEEE80211_HW_SIGNAL_DB is used the driver has
    to provide the maximum value (max_signal) it reports in order for applications
    to make sense of the signal values.
    i tried my best to find out for each driver what it can provide and update it
    but i'm not sure (?) for some of them and used the more conservative guess in
    doubt. this can be fixed easily after this patch has been merged by changing
    the hardware flags of the driver.
    adm8211         unspec(?) 100   n/a     missing
    at76_usb        unspec(?) (?)   unused  missing
    ath5k           dBm             dBm     percent rssi
    b43legacy       dBm             dBm     percent jssi(?)
    b43             dBm             dBm     percent jssi(?)
    iwl-3945        dBm             dBm     percent snr+more
    iwl-4965        dBm             dBm     percent snr+more
    p54             unspec    127   n/a     missing
    rt2x00          dBm	        n/a     percent rssi+tx/rx frame success
      rt2400        dBm             n/a
      rt2500pci     dBm             n/a
      rt2500usb     dBm             n/a
      rt61pci       dBm             n/a
      rt73usb       dBm             n/a
    rtl8180         unspec(?) 65    n/a     (?)
    rtl8187         unspec(?) 65    (?)     noise(?)
    zd1211          dB(?)     100   n/a     percent
    drivers/net/wireless/ath5k/base.c:      Changes-licensed-under: 3-Clause-BSD
    Signed-off-by: default avatarBruno Randolf <br1@einfach.org>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <linville@tuxdriver.com>
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