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    [MMC] MMC_CAP_BYTEBLOCK flag for non-log2 block sizes capable hosts · 42431acb
    Russell King authored
    Some MMC hosts can only handle log2 block sizes.  Unfortunately,
    the MMC password support needs to be able to send non-log2 block
    sizes.  Provide a capability so that the MMC password support can
    decide whether it should use this support or not.
    The unfortunate side effect of this host limitation is that any
    MMC card protected by a password which is not a log2 block size
    can not be accessed on a host which only allows a log2 block size.
    This change just adds the flag.  The MMC password support code
    needs updating to use it (if and when it is finally submitted.)
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRussell King <>