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    drm/i915: preliminary context support · 254f965c
    Ben Widawsky authored
    Very basic code for context setup/destruction in the driver.
    Adds the file i915_gem_context.c This file implements HW context
    support. On gen5+ a HW context consists of an opaque GPU object which is
    referenced at times of context saves and restores.  With RC6 enabled,
    the context is also referenced as the GPU enters and exists from RC6
    (GPU has it's own internal power context, except on gen5).  Though
    something like a context does exist for the media ring, the code only
    supports contexts for the render ring.
    In software, there is a distinction between contexts created by the
    user, and the default HW context. The default HW context is used by GPU
    clients that do not request setup of their own hardware context. The
    default context's state is never restored to help prevent programming
    errors. This would happen if a client ran and piggy-backed off another
    clients GPU state.  The default context only exists to give the GPU some
    offset to load as the current to invoke a save of the context we
    actually care about. In fact, the code could likely be constructed,
    albeit in a more complicated fashion, to never use the default context,
    though that limits the driver's ability to swap out, and/or destroy
    other contexts.
    All other contexts are created as a request by the GPU client. These
    contexts store GPU state, and thus allow GPU clients to not re-emit
    state (and potentially query certain state) at any time. The kernel
    driver makes certain that the appropriate commands are inserted.
    There are 4 entry points into the contexts, init, fini, open, close.
    The names are self-explanatory except that init can be called during
    reset, and also during pm thaw/resume. As we expect our context to be
    preserved across these events, we do not reinitialize in this case.
    As Adam Jackson pointed out, The cutoff of 1MB where a HW context is
    considered too big is arbitrary. The reason for this is even though
    context sizes are increasing with every generation, they have yet to
    eclipse even 32k. If we somehow read back way more than that, it
    probably means BIOS has done something strange, or we're running on a
    platform that wasn't designed for this.
    v2: rename load/unload to init/fini (daniel)
    remove ILK support for get_size() (indirectly daniel)
    add HAS_HW_CONTEXTS macro to clarify supported platforms (daniel)
    added comments (Ben)
    Signed-off-by: default avatarBen Widawsky <ben@bwidawsk.net>