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    [PATCH] Rework of IPC auditing · 073115d6
    Steve Grubb authored
    1) The audit_ipc_perms() function has been split into two different
            - audit_ipc_obj()
            - audit_ipc_set_perm()
    There's a key shift here...  The audit_ipc_obj() collects the uid, gid,
    mode, and SElinux context label of the current ipc object.  This
    audit_ipc_obj() hook is now found in several places.  Most notably, it
    is hooked in ipcperms(), which is called in various places around the
    ipc code permforming a MAC check.  Additionally there are several places
    where *checkid() is used to validate that an operation is being
    performed on a valid object while not necessarily having a nearby
    ipcperms() call.  In these locations, audit_ipc_obj() is called to
    ensure that the information is captured by the audit system.
    The audit_set_new_perm() function is called any time the permissions on
    the ipc object changes.  In this case, the NEW permissions are recorded
    (and note that an audit_ipc_obj() call exists just a few lines before
    each instance).
    2) Support for an AUDIT_IPC_SET_PERM audit message type.  This allows
    for separate auxiliary audit records for normal operations on an IPC
    object and permissions changes.  Note that the same struct
    audit_aux_data_ipcctl is used and populated, however there are separate
    audit_log_format statements based on the type of the message.  Finally,
    the AUDIT_IPC block of code in audit_free_aux() was extended to handle
    aux messages of this new type.  No more mem leaks I hope ;-)
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAl Viro <viro@zeniv.linux.org.uk>
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