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    ath10k: allocate fw resources for iface combinations · 039a0051
    Michal Kazior authored
    The number of 3 vdevs wasn't enough to handle the
    worst case for interface combinations in practice.
    wpa_supplicant may need up to 4 vifs to have 2
    vifs actually connected, i.e. p2pdev + client + 2x
    p2p (either p2p client or p2p go).
    This fixes worst case warning:
      Free vdev map is empty, no more interfaces allowed.
    This keeps the ability to associate 32 stations in
    AP mode at the cost of not being able to guarantee
    that under all circumstances, i.e. some
    combinations may consume additional fw peer
    entries for internal purposes leaving less
    resource for stations in AP mode.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMichal Kazior <michal.kazior@tieto.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarKalle Valo <kvalo@qca.qualcomm.com>