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    tools: Always use sane upstream (`native') python paths · 535abca2
    Keir Fraser authored
    Previously, by default we would install our python modules into
    /usr/lib/python/xen, for example /usr/lib/python/xen/__init__.py.
    Upstream python's standard install location (a) includes the Python
    version number and (b) puts things in site-packages by default.
    Our best conjecture for the reason for this was an attempt to make the
    installs portable between different python versions.  However, that
    doesn't work because compiled python modules (.pyc), and C python
    extensions corresponding to one version of python, are not compatible
    across different versions of python.
    This is why upstream include the version number.
    site-packages is the standard location for locally-installed packages
    and is automatically included on the python search path.
    In this change, we abandon our own unusual python path setup:
     * Invoke setup.py in an entirely standard manner.  We pass
       PREFIX and DESTDIR using the appropriate options provided by
       setup.py for those purposes (adding them to setup.py calls
       which were previously lacking them).
     * Since the installation locations are now on the standard
       python path, we no longer need to add anything to the path
       in any of our python utilities.  Therefore remove all that
       code from every python script.  (Many of these scripts
       unconditionally added /usr/lib/python and /usr/lib64/python which
       is wrong even in the old world.)
     * There is no longer any special `Xen python path'.  xen-python-path
       is no longer needed.  It is no longer called by anything in our
       tree.  However since out-of-tree callers may still invoke it, we
       retain it.  It now prints a fixed string referring to a directory
       which does not to exist; callers (who use it to augment their
       python path) will thus add a nonexistent directory to their python
       path which is harmless.
     * Remove various workarounds including use of setup.py --home
       (which is intended for something completely different).
     * Remove tests for the XEN_PYTHON_NATIVE_INSTALL build-time
       environment variable.  The new behaviour is the behaviour which we
       should have had if this variable had been set.  That is, it is now
       as if this variable was always set but also bugs in the resulting
       install have been fixed.
    This should be a proper fix for the bug addressed by c/s 19515.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarIan Jackson <ian.jackson@eu.citrix.com>
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