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    Replace most uses of and references to "ifconfig" by "ip". · 0b2c7e69
    Ben Pfaff authored
    It's becoming more common that OSes include "ip" but not "ifconfig", so
    it's best to avoid using the latter.  This commit removes most references
    to "ifconfig" and replaces them by "ip".  It also adds a build-time check
    to make it harder to introduce new uses of "ifconfig".
    There are important differences between "ifconfig" and "ip":
    - An "ifconfig" command that sets an IP address also brings the interface
      up, but a similar "ip addr add" command does not, so it is often necessary
      (or at least precautionary) to add an "ip link set <dev> up" command.
    - "ifconfig" can infer a netmask from an IP adddress, but "ip" always
      assumes /32 if none is given.
    - "ifconfig" with address removes any configured IP address, but
      "ip addr add" does not, so "ifconfig <dev>" must be replaced by
      "ip addr del" or "ip addr flush".
    Signed-off-by: default avatarBen Pfaff <blp@ovn.org>
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