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    bugfix: fix PDCP sequence management (plus some cleanup) · e3782b5c
    Cedric Roux authored
    With the introduction of X2AP into develop, the UEs now have to regularly
    send measurement reports.
    In the logs of the eNB, we see:
    [OSA]   Mismatch found in integrity for algorithm 2,
            got e0.a0.c2.66, expecting a5.9c.cb.57
    [PDCP]   [OSA][RB 1] eNB failed to validate MAC-I of incoming PDU
    This is a bug in the PDCP layer that uses wrong parameters to compute the
    This commit fixes this bug.
    The function pdcp_is_rx_seq_number_valid was removed. Its processing
    has been directly integrated into the function pdcp_data_ind.
    The function pdcp_mark_current_pdu_as_received is not called anymore.
    Its processing was not used later on, so as of today, not calling it does
    not introduce any functional change.
    The function pdcp_validate_security takes now as parameters both
    SN and HFN. Same for the function pdcp_get_next_count_rx.
    Useless constants PDCP_SN_5BIT, PDCP_SN_7BIT and PDCP_SN_12BIT have been
    The compilation option ENA...