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    Version 0.20.0: Increased the maximum messages size, fixed extended power... · 792fa7db
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    Version 0.20.0: Increased the maximum messages size, fixed extended power headroom MAC CE, added classmark3 support, added tracking area update request support, fixed the fill bits in packing mobile ID IE for IMEISV and the length in unpacking UE security capabilities IE (thanks to Przemek Bereski for finding this), allowing NULL to be passed for key_256 in service reject message packing (thanks to Przemek Bereski and Peter Nguyen for finding this), added PDCCH size defines, added an error return to DCI 1C unpack, clearing punctered turbo decode bits before decoding, added AMD PDU segment support, padded all RRC enums to powers of 2, added support for several RRC IEs and messages (with the help of Przemek Bereski) in the LTE library, restructured the radio classes to ease the addition of new radio types, set the processor affinity to allow the PHY/Radio to run on a particular core, fixed memcpy lengths in MAC, fixed bugs in print_all_users (thanks to Sultan Qasim Khan for finding this) and when receiving a service request message for a non-existent user (thanks to Peter Nguyen for finding this), fixed a long standing PHY bug that was including UL PDCCH allocations in a check of DL PRB usage, added error logging for received AMD PDU segments, increased the DL datarate for default data QoS, using C-RNTI when no IMSI/IMEI are available for printing an attached user, Przemek Bereski added UE capability enquiry and UE capability information support and bladeRF support.
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