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    Move most of the password changing code to the backend, as I just did · 32983db4
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    for email changes. Currently, the hash is passed in on the command
    line from the web interface, and there is no method for invoking it on
    the command line and providing a text password, but that is an easy
    change now that the bulk of the code is in the backend instead of the
    web interface.
    Note that this change took longer cause we allow inactive,frozen, and
    wikionly users to change their password, but since they do not have
    accounts (yet) the operation is invoked as user "nobody" and tbacct
    about to me made aware of that possibility.
    Also add equivalent auditing email message that goes to the user when
    password is changed.
    Also more cleanup and conversion to objects.
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