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    Lots of new features, especially drastically improved network config. · a9265ea7
    David Johnson authored
    Setup several kinds of networks: tunnels, flat networks, flat networks
    multiplexed via vlans over physical networks (where openstack doesn't
    manage the vlan ids), and real vlan networks (where openstack *does*
    manage the vlan ids).  Tunnels always go over the first flat data net.
    Be very flexible in terms of assigning IPs; generate them ourselves
    if they dind't come to us, or if user wants to use our generated ones.
    I tried to be smart (enough) with this.
    Setup VNC-based consoles on x86-64; working in dashboard.
    Don't put plaintext admin password in profile anymore; instead, expect
    a hash of the admin password.  Replace the temp admin password in the
    keystone database with the hash we get.  But, since the CLI tools
    all require real user auth, setup a secondary 'adminapi' account
    that is a real admin, and use that to see admin-openrc.sh for CLI
    tools, and for all our configuration, and places where the services
    use a real admin account to auth.  Also, push the admin password
    hash all the way into our instance images.
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