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    Add Mitaka; unified controller/networkmanager; Manila; linuxbridge. · 6d23a989
    David Johnson authored
    The feature notes:
      * Mitaka is now the default OpenStack release configured by this
        profile.  Kilo and Juno are deprecated, and we are no longer testing
        the profile's functionality under those versions (although we have
        no concrete plans to remove the code at this point).  They may
        continue to work, or they may not.  You should update to Mitaka if
        possible, of course.
      * The default topology is now down to two nodes: a controller (`ctl`)
        node and a compute (`cp-1`) node; the networkmanager node's
        functionality has been moved to the controller, as is the default in
        the OpenStack Ubuntu/Apt documentation.  You can return to the old
        three-node configuration by changing the name of the
        "networkmanager" node in the Advanced Parameters from `ctl` to `nm`.
      * One of the bigger Mitaka features is shared filesystem support
        (Manila).  We download a shared filesystem image and configure
        Manila so that you can immediately create a share and connect it to
      * We have added support for the Neutron ML2 "Linuxbridge" driver,
        although we continue to install the "OpenVSwitch" ML2 driver by
        default.  The Linuxbridge driver is not as well-tested as the
        OpenVSwitch driver, in all possible configurations of this profile.
        Although OpenStack has switched to the linuxbridge driver as its
        default, we have no plans to do that yet.
      * You can now choose an Apt mirror and set a custom mirror path if you
        require fast localized access to a mirror.
      * The MTU that dnsmasq pushes to your OpenStack VMs has been reduced
        from 1454 bytes to 1450 bytes.  1454 is an adequate setting for GRE
        tunnels, of course, but not for VXLAN networks, which require 1450
        on a normal physical network with 1500-byte MTU.  Somehow this
        mistake escaped prior testing.
    A few details:
      * I refactored the Neutron ML2 plugin setup code, since all nodes
        have to be configured essentially the same way.  Moreover, it
        supports either openvswitch or linuxbridge.
      * I haven't setup Manila for aarch64 because there is no available
        Manila service image for aarch64.  Have to build one of my own.
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